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"Avoid downtime and keep your project running."


We offer 3 specific grades of grouser bars; High CarbonHeat treated, and Chrom-X, all designed to meet your Ice lugging requirements. 


R.F Butler premium bar is always hot rolled then cut or sheared to length. Many competitors lugs are cast or forged which creates excessive porosity and inconsistent hardness levels throughout the lug. These two factors greatly increase the probability of premature failure.


Ice lugging your machines with RF Butler lugs will increase machine efficiency and productivity by maintaining machine traction / stability on ice, snow, muddy or highly sloped conditions. All profiles and grades can be cut to any length on request. For your convenience, we also stock pre-cut ice lugs in a variety of the most popular sizes. 

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Abrasion tests prove R.F. Butler has the longest lasting lug on market today.


R.F. Butler lugs last over 28% longer than our closest competitor.



High Carbon Grouser Bars are manufactured using premium carbon steel to ensure the very best product for your ice lugging requirements. Our High Carbon Bar is a 1070 Carbon steel with a hardness of Rc 25-30.


All profiles available in 10’ lengths and 3” & 4” standard ice lug lengths. Custom cut lengths are also available on all High Carbon profiles. High Carbon Grouser Bar is a long lasting, cost effective option for Ice Lugging light to medium sized equipment and is stocked in five sizes:


  • L Brown

  • A Yellow

  • K Orange

  • F Bright Green

  • C Grey


For larger equipment and for more abrasive applications please refer to our Heat Treated and Chrom-X  grades of Grouser Bar.


Heat-Treated Grouser Bars are manufactured to deliver optimum wear performance; this is achieved by using premium 10B35 boron steel, heat treated to a hardness of Rc 45-50. Using Heat Treated Bar, you can expect an additional 30-50% life than our High Carbon grouser bar, making it the perfect choice for your moderate to heavy duty needs.


All Heat-Treated profiles available in 10’ lengthsSome pre-cut lengths available. Custom cut lengths are available on all Heat Treated profiles. Our Heat Treated Bar is a longer-lasting, tougher product ideal for Ice Lugging medium to large equipment and is stocked in eight sizes:


  • E Dark Blue

  • C Grey 

  • G Red

  • T Purple

  • H White

  • S Pale Green

  • J Pink

  • M Copper


For larger equipment or extreme applications please refer to our Chrom-X  grade Grouser Bar.

We offer custom packaging and quantity options. As always we offer both High Carbon and Heat Treated products in more than 15 sizes, which can be cut to any desired length.


Chrom-X Heat Treated Grouser Bar is our most durable Grouser product. The addition of chromium to this product not only improves the strength and durability of the Grouser Bar, but also allows for a more thorough and even Heat Treatment. A hardness of Rc 47-52 is achieved throughout the entire profile.


All Chrom-X Heat Treated profiles available in 10' lengths. Common pre-cut lengths also available. Just as in our Heat-Treated Bar, Chrom-X is made from premium boron steel which facilitates ice lug weldability, and is the toughest and longest lasting grouser bar available in the market today.


  • J Pink

  • M Copper

  • X Black

  • Z Green

  • P Pale Blue

  • R Plain

Our Chrom-X bar is our highest grade bar and is ideal for large equipment working in extreme weather and working conditions.

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