All High CarbonHeat treated, and Chrom-X grouser bars are all exceptional choices for re-grousering. Re-grousering offers a distinct price advantage over the cost of purchasing new track shoes. 


Depending on the customer requirement, shoes can be rebuilt to replicate any OEM shoe or if desired can be rebuilt to a heigher specification which will further increase life and cost savings.

View chart to select the appropriate profile for your Re-grousering project.
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High Carbon Grouser Bars are manufactured using premium carbon steel to ensure the very best product for your Grouser needs. Our High Carbon Bar is 1070 Carbon steel with a hardness of Rc 25-30. Available in 10’ lengths.


Our High Carbon Bar is a long lasting, cost effective option for re-grousering light to medium sized equipment and is available in five sizes:


  • L Brown

  • A Yellow

  • K Orange

  • F Bright Green

  • C Grey


For larger equipment and for more abrasive applications please refer to our Heat Treated and Chrome X Grouser Bar.


Heat-Treated  - Boron Steel Grouser Bars are manufactured to deliver optimum wear performance; this is achieved by using premium 10B35 boron steel heat treated to a hardness of Rc 45-47. The use of Boron steel increases ductility, toughness and wear properties and you can expect an additional 30-50% longer wear time than our High Carbon grouser bar. Available in 10' and common pre-cut lengths


Heat Treated Bar is ideal for re-grousering medium to large equipment and is available in eight sizes:


  • E Dark Blue

  • C Grey 

  • G Red

  • T Purple

  • H White

  • S Pale Green

  • J Pink

  • M Copper


For the largest equipment and/or extreme applications please refer to our Chrome-X Grouser Bar.

We have upgraded our facility and now offer custom packaging and quantity options As always we offer both High Carbon and Heat Treated products in more than 15 sizes, which can be cut to any desired length.

Abrasion tests prove R.F. Butler has the longest lasting lug on market today.


R.F. Butler lugs last over 28% longer than our closest competitor.



Chrom-X Heat Treated Grouser Bar is our most durable Grouser Bar. The addition of chromium to this product not only improves the strength and durability of the Grouser Bar, but also allows for a more thorough and even Heat Treatment. A hardness of Rc 47-52 is achieved throughout the entire profile. Chrom-X profiles are available in 10’ and common pre-cut lengths.


Chrom-X is the toughest and longest lasting grouser bar available in the market today and is available in six sizes:


  • J Pink

  • M Copper

  • X Black

  • Z Green

  • P Pale Blue

  • R Plain


Our Chrom-X bar is our highest grade bar and is ideal for large equipment working in extreme weather and working conditions.

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